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Export Promotion Portal

Professional assistance to exporters

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Each entrepreneur from the Lublin Voivodeship who would like to find foreign business partners and counterparties can count on support, provided by Investor and Exporter Service Center (COIE) in the Lubelskie Voivodeship.

Investor and Exporter Service Center (COIE) in Lublin invites all companies from the region wishing to commence or expand their export operations to cooperate with them.






1. Preparation of complex, proven and up-to-date economic information about the region:

  • potential and current economic situation;
  • principles of conducting business activity;
  • instruments supporting the development of entrepreneurship;
  • investment incentives offered at the regional and national level and institutions competent for particular instruments,
  • regional aid;
  • investment locations – investment areas, investment zones;
  • entities for the region seeking investors,
  • potential sub-suppliers according to sectors.

2. Preparation and service of economic and investment mission from/to the region.


3. "Investment Pilot" care during the whole investment process.


4. Promoting the investment offer of the Lublin Voivodeship abroad.


5. Preparing and keeping up-to-date databases of investment areas.


6. Assistance in contact with local administration and business-related institutions.


7. Initiating contact between entrepreneurs and entities supporting economic development in the region, competent for the structure of needs of a potential investor.


8. Organizing conferences, seminars and trainings for entrepreneurs, local government units.




  1. Identification of the market for a given type of product/service and investment.
  2. Assistance in searching for information about potential business partners in export in available databases (in Poland and abroad) or undertaking investments on a selected foreign market and initiating contact between entrepreneurs.
  3. Obtaining and sharing market information available for COIE:
  • foreign reports, analysis, market research, sector and problem elaborations;
  • information on:

a) administration and law,

b) finances, including safety of economic trade,

c) aspects of conducting business activities on foreign markets also concerning development of export activities,

d) undertaking/implementing investments abroad,

e) export support instruments in the field of finances, services, institutions, expert and investor support center in Poland and on foreign markets, such as: government agencies, foreign institutions, chambers of commerce, etc.


4. Obtaining and sharing information concerning applicable international settlement methods, trading habits and techniques of financing export transactions.


5. Obtaining and sharing information about forms of marketing activities useful in international promotion of a given enterprises.


6. Sharing information about procedures and institutions intermediating in raising funds to finance export and investment activities abroad, from the European Union's national and regional aid programs and budgetary (public) funds.


7. Preparation and service of economic and investment missions from/to the region.


Investors and Exporters Assistance Centre of the Lubelskie Voivodeship (COIE):

Department of Economy and Foreign Cooperation

Marshal Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship

Grottgera 4 St.

20-029 Lublin

ekspert pro-eksport: Aleksander Czechowski

tel. +48 81 537 16 21


ekspert pro-eksport: Magda Olifirowicz

tel. +48 81 537 16 15



Useful links:

Invest in Lubelskie – economic portal of the Lublin Voivodeship

Biznes Lubelskie - Facebook

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